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Artist Statement and Biography
                Joanne Abbott Art

Artist Statement

    Joanne's work is inspired by nature, the Canadian landscape and wildlife. She applies a zoom lens to capture the intricate landscape of texture and detail. She creates work that focuses on Canadian content reflecting her passion for exploring the great outdoors: from her own backyard to reflecting  on her travels across Canada.

    Painting and drawing is a thoughtful process. Joanne relishes in the controlled, detailed application, whether using dry media or paint, either watercolor or acrylic, that allows one to build layers and depth of colour and texture in her work. Although practised in a variety of mediums, her choice is acrylic for its versatility, its ease of application, and the ability to use of both brush and palette knife to apply bold colours and create the textures that are visible when one views nature through the zoom lens.  Art is her way to connect with nature.


Joanne is a Canadian artist living in Temiscaming, Quebec where she exhibits her art and pursues her artistic expression through teaching and pursuing a master's level degree in Art Therapy. Joanne started her career as a physiotherapist working in rural communities in different regions of Canada. It was during her child rearing years that she picked up a paint brush and started painting with acrylics. She explored new mediums, by taking workshops through the local art club and soon started commissioned work in graphite and color pencil portraits. Joanne moved from Alberta to Temiscaming in 2000 but put the pencils and brushes aside while focusing on her family.


In 2011 she was able to resume her passion for art, which soon became her primary focus. Her first solo exhibit was an expression of her connection to nature, titled “Nature’s Treasures: an exploration of color and texture”, followed by her second exhibit titled”Nature’s Gallery: Backyard Perspective”. Both exhibits highlighted her passion for capturing the more intricate landscape of nature by applying a zoom lens and focussing on the texture and detail. Joanne’s work in acrylics  uses vibrant color,  in place of muted tones to capture the overall expressive quality of her subject. Although versatile in different mediums and subjects, the main focus of her work is wildlife and the natural world.   


Joanne has exhibited her work in open as well as juried exhibits throughout Ontario and Quebec and as an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2016. Her work has been exhibited in juried shows in Vancouver through the FCA.   Joanne was honored to have her work chosen as the cover for the 2018 FCA calendar and is working towards FCA signature status. Joanne has maintained an active interest in color pencil work which has earned her a place in having her work chosen for publication in Ann Kuhlberg’s  CP Hidden Treasures  2, 3 , 4 and 5.


Joanne presently teaches art to children and adults in her home studio as well as conducting workshops in acrylic for the Kabaowek First Nations and through the  Temiscaming Train Station Museum .  Joanne has also  been teaching  Highschool art  at Ecoloe G. Theberge  in Temiscaming  since 2018. Joanne is in the process of completing her Masters level degree in Art Therapy through the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, which has awarded her an opportunity to foster artistic practice , through out her community  including  members of the Handicap Association ,clients of  Place au Soleil ,the local food bank and with  both Schools.    

Her community involvement in artistic practice  has also  included the creation of Painter’s Palate: Canvas Paint and Wine/Coffee  events which also includes special paint events for families or children. 

 Future projects include  organizing a Giant Puppet pageant  in the community of   Temiscaming  for their 100 th Anniversary.  This pageant will  be a community involved project, reflecting the past present  and future of Temiscaming. 





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